Solutions to Treat Your Black Nail fungus

Black toenail fungus treatment
Many people suffer from black toenail fungus problem and seeking for treatments to eliminate it. Here’ found few sure ways to treatment. Many had tried in the medical treatment and ultimately stop trying since topical treatments are certainly not very efficient approach to control and treat the toe-nail fungus problem. Few who undergone hospital treatment reported about kidney and liver damage. So to prevent this all complications please follow the following methods to treat this challenge.

black toenail fungus
Methods to treat your Black Nail fungus

Prepare your house made solution using listerine mouthwash and trouble, soak the feet using this type of solutions for hrs.
Preparing an assortment of skin oils such as olive,jojoba and eucalyptus oil in equal proportion and putting it on in the toe area will cure fungus infection
To reduce pain over the fungal affected toe area, applying vinegar or vicks vaproub will give immediate treatment.
Avoid delaying to treatment methods are the most effective solution for treating nail fungus
Wearing improper sized shoes or slipper will increase the black toenail and thus it’s very important avoid tight shoes and sandals.
Keep your toenails as fresh since you can.
Wash you feet with tepid to warm water and pinch of salt & lime to regulate the fungal growth 2 times a day.

Following above said ways you can treat the fungus problem by yourself naturally without working in regards to the complication noticed in case of treatment. Automobile safer to treat black toenail fungus the natural way since most folks are susceptible to medical allergy.

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